Bronny James may not be ready for the NBA

Weeks after making himself eligible for this year’s NBA draft, LeBron James’ son Bronny James made news during the league’s draft.

Usually, the NBA group receives very little press and attention. But this year there’s been a lot of emphasis on it, mainly because the son of one of the greatest players of all time is taking part.

There have been some encouraging developments regarding young James. His vertical jump was measured at a robust 40.5 inches and he performed well during shooting drills. However, concerns remain that the 19-year-old simply isn’t ready for the next level after a dismal first season at the University of Southern California.

Stephen A. Smith of ESPN said the people he’s spoken to feel he’s just not an NBA-ready prospect right now.

The younger James averaged just 4.8 points on 36.6% shooting overall and 26.7% from 3-point range, and he didn’t get much playing time on a struggling Trojans team .