Window Treatment Ideas – 23 Ways to Choose Curtains, Blinds and Shutters for Every Room

Window covering ideas are endless. Performing a vital practical function of blocking noise and light and providing privacy, they are also among the most influential decorative elements a room can have.

Both functional and decorative, curtains and blinds constitute the barrier between inside and outside. They protect us from intense light during the day and are tight at night. Additionally, window treatments create privacy from prying eyes.

Likewise, like a statement painting, window treatment ideas can add character and verve to an interior design or provide a discreet heel to a flamboyant layout.

So why spend money on beautiful paint shades and high-quality furniture if you want to skimp on window treatment ideas? They are the finishing touch to your interior design – that last piece that completes the space.

There are rules to follow to help you find the right window dressing ideas. These address some issues like ceiling height, color and pattern management, and the big question: do you let them drape?

We’ve rounded up a range of decorating ideas for window treatments, with expert advice on how to solve the most common problems so you can make your room look fabulous.