Tokyo Confidential creates baseball-inspired cocktails

Located in the capital of Japan, Tokyo Confidential took inspiration from baseball for its second cocktail menu.

Baseball inspired Tokyo Confidential’s new menu (Photo credit: Millie Tang)

Titled Second Base, the new drinks list includes trading cards, baseball puns and special edition jerseys.

Holly Graham, co-founder of Tokyo Confidential, said: “Before I moved to Tokyo, I was on the road and listening to music – that’s where I get some of my best ideas – and I I just had this vision, almost like hypothetical music. video of a baseball bat, but instead of the ball, it was breaking into cocktails. That’s where the idea came from, and that’s where it grew.

This traditionally American sport occupies an important place in the culture of Asia, particularly in Japan. One of the bar’s bartenders, Kouki Taguchi, performed semi-professionally before pursuing a career in business.

Cocktails on the new menu include Highball-style Katsuo Isono, made with gin, myoga (part of the ginger family), lychee, rhum agricole and ponzu (a citrus-based sauce).

The Glizztini cocktail (photo credit: Millie Tang)

There’s also the tasty Glizztini, designed to recreate the quintessential game day hot dog in a drink. It also uses gin, which is combined with mugi shochu, tomato, mezcal, onion brine and MSG. The topping includes red and yellow cocoa butter, a nod to the tomato ketchup and mustard relishes often used on hot dogs.

The menu is presented as a wallet used to collect baseball cards. Each drink has a bespoke menu and features a Tokyo Confidential player. Baseball-inspired snacks will also accompany the menu in due course.

Guests can also purchase a Tokyo Confidential baseball-style jersey, which will be available in limited quantities.

“As someone who lives abroad and has created new homes when I move, the idea of ​​community is very important to me and I love how that comes to life through baseball,” said added Graham.

Tokyo Confidential opened in October 2023.