Pitt decision

AMERICAN Actor Brad Pitt is gearing up to play his role as a veteran Formula 1 driver in an upcoming as-yet-untitled film.

Filming began last year at the British Grand Prix, with Pitt driving a real race car for added authenticity.

According to media reports, producer Jerry Bruckheimer recently praised Pitt’s driving skills and preparation for the role.

“He trained for four or five months. He’s an incredible pilot,” Bruckheimer said at the Los Angeles premiere of Young woman and the sea.

“Some F1 drivers said he was a natural athlete. He really is. He’s incredible in this car.

Pitt will play veteran F1 driver Sonny Hayes. Additionally, seven-time world champion Sir Lewis Hamilton is a consultant on the film and helps Pitt train for the high-speed sport.

Asked about Pitt’s driving speed, Bruckheimer joked, “I can’t tell you.” The insurance company is going to kill me.

Set to debut in theaters in June 2025 before streaming exclusively on Apple TV+, the film stars Pitt as a retired racing driver making his return to mentor a newbie, played by Damson Idris .

The story focuses on their mentor-student relationship and their quest for success on the circuit, promising an emotional and adrenaline-filled experience.

Directed by Joseph Kosinski, known for his acclaimed work on Top Gun: Maverick, which grossed nearly US$1.5 billion (RM7 billion), the upcoming film aims to deliver an equally spectacular cinematic experience. Kosinski’s success with Maverick places high expectations for this new project.

However, capturing the realism of Formula 1 presents unique challenges, and the film’s budget ballooned to over $300 million. Formula 1 is a financially demanding sport, where teams with the deepest pockets often dominate.

Likewise, this film, on track to become one of the most expensive films ever produced, aims to outspend the competition to achieve box office success.

Thanks to the combined efforts of Pitt, Kosinski and Bruckheimer, nothing is left to chance.