The Major Leagues are preparing their player transfer period

In the vast schedule of the Major League Baseball season, Mid-year negotiations with players are radical changes, powerful movements that reshape the aspirations and realities of teams. These operations allow organizations to adjust their rosters based on their immediate needs, whether it’s strengthening specific areas, covering injuries, or adding roster depth.

For World Series contenders, acquiring key players could be the difference between failing to meet their aspirations or winning the commissioner’s trophy.

Multiple big-name player losses characterized the 2024 campaign. Just over the weekend, 2023 MVP Ronald Acuña Jr. said goodbye to all baseball activity for the next eight months due to a torn cruciate ligament in his knee, news that shook the Braves’ chances of reaching the October Classic and the entire industry.

Like a handful of other teams, the Braves will try to find the pieces that will help them improve their chances before trade deadline (August 1).

With some teams already thinking more about the future than the 2024 campaign, mid-season trades also have long-term repercussions. Rebuilding teams are taking advantage of this opportunity to trade veteran players for talented young prospects, thereby speeding up their renewal process. This approach allows franchises to build a solid foundation for the future by developing new talent into their minor league system.

With just over a month to go before the deadline, several names are already on the radar general managers thinking about the playoffs and managers planning to acquire young talent for the rebuild.

The name of the game is launchingand several teams are considering equipping themselves with reliable weapons.

Top pitchers likely to be traded

Jack Flaherty / Detroit Tigers 3.84 61
Lance Lynn/St. Louis Cardinals 3.47 57.1
Sean Manaea / New York Mets 3.17 51.1
Yusei Kikuchi / Toronto Blue Jays 3.25 61
Nick Pivetta / Boston Red Sox 4.20 30
Luis Severino / New York Mets 3.22 58.2

Dominican Luis Severino is getting a lot of attention. Like others on the list, he will be a free agent at the end of the season. Severino signed a one-year contract with the Mets for $13 million.

The New York team is 14 and a half games behind the Phillies, leading the National League East. They also sit in seventh place among teams competing for one of three spots as a wild card team. In 10 starts this season, the Dominican pitcher has a .322 ERA with 50 strikeouts and a 2-2 record. Many teams are interested in acquiring him because of his experience. The Mets, with a pessimistic outlook, are expected to become one of the selling teams. Mid-season always brings excitement and vigor to the MLB season.