Indian GP MotoGP canceled; return expected in 2025

There has been no official statement from MotoGP yet, but this year’s Indian GP is canceled. The information comes from the local promoter of the event which was scheduled for September 20 to 22 on the Buddh international circuit.

In a statement cited by, Fairstreet Sports CEO Pushkar Nath Srivastava said: “The decision to move the race to March next year, aiming for the first or second week, was the result of a collective agreement between all stakeholders.‘.

While not an explicit cancellation, the nature of the statements suggests exactly that: the GP being canceled this year and moved to the start of next season. The head of Fairstreet Sports provided details in this direction:

Adverse weather conditions in September posed significant challenges for both riders and marshals, as was observed last year. With the support and vision of the Uttar Pradesh government, the March race will be organized in a grander manner and will aim to set a new standard of excellence in motorsport events.

Heat… or breach of contract?

Weather is cited as the reason for the cancellation, but writes that what actually led to this result was a breach of contract with Dorna by the Indian promoter – of a financial nature.

Kazakhstan GP instead of India

As we know, the Kazakhstan GP was scheduled for June 14-16 but was postponed without a new date due to recent floods in Central Asia. Now that India is off the calendar, the Sokol round is expected to take place on the scheduled dates, September 20-22, thus fitting into the Asian phase of the season.