Air Force’s next stop to serve our country: Fredericksburg graduate

FREDERICKSBURG, VA — Graduation is a big milestone and worth celebrating! That’s why Patch and T-Mobile have partnered to recognize our community’s outstanding graduates in 2024.

This submission comes from Judy Cary, who nominated Jasper of Fredericksburg.


Graduate Name


What grade does the graduate finish?

High school

What school did your graduate student graduate from?

Riverbend Fredericksburg, Virginia

How do you know your graduate student candidate?


Tell us why they deserve to be nominated!

Jasper exceeded expectations in his cumulative average. He plans to join the Air Force ROTC program, to become an engineer in the Air Force and serve our country. He is an exceptional young man, responsible, reliable and determined to help our country in his military career.

What one thing do you want everyone to know about your graduate student candidate?

He is an exceptional young man. I see a bright future for his future projects.

Congratulations on your achievements and best wishes for the future, Jasper!

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