How Blessed Carlo Acutis inspired a man to convert – Catholic Telegraph

Mohur increased his devotion to his Hindu prayers after his father’s death. He prayed every day, often with a feeling of anger and bitterness. “I always prayed, ‘Why am I in this situation?’” he said.

At that time, it was difficult to find work in Mauritius. Mohur had heard that Italy at the time was not as strict as some other countries on work visas, so he immigrated there to find work in the mid-1980s. After more than After a decade of living and working in Italy, Mohur was employed by the Acutis family in December 1995 to help care for Carlo.

“And I met Carlo, such a little kid,” Mohur recalls.

His first impression of Acutis, with his curly brown hair, was that he looked like the little cherubs you see in paintings and sculptures in Milan. On his second day working for the family, Mohur remembered that little Carlo approached him with a big smile and a gift: a piece of gum.

On rainy days, Acutis sometimes watched videotapes of cartoons based on the Bible and the lives of saints with Mohur, who watched them with some interest since he had not had much exposure to Catholicism.

After Acutis made his first communion at age 7, Mohur would walk with him to the church around the corner from his house for mass or to pray on the way to school.

Mohur observed how young Acutis’ behavior changed when he entered a church. While Acutis prayed in front of the tabernacle, Mohur sat quietly in the back and watched the young boy pray fervently.

“His behavior changed when he was inside the church, with all respect. He knew there was something different where Jesus lived. …It touched my heart…when I saw Carlo’s behavior,” he said.

Acutis couldn’t wait to talk to Mohur about the things he loved: heaven, the Mass, and the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. He explained everything with “such gentleness,” Mohur said.

“He was always talking about the Eucharist, about Jesus, how he suffered for us…sacrificed his life for us,” Mohur said. ”Carlo, he told me that… wherever you go, you can find Jesus present in Flesh, Soul and Blood (in the tabernacle).”

Mohur also observed Acutis’ care and concern for others. He said that young Carlo once gathered up his toys, including cute Christmas gifts from his grandparents and parents, and asked Mohur to accompany him to the park to sell his toys as a donation. money to the poor.

”He collected the money and there were poor people lying in front of the church. They slept on the ground during the winter. It was quite cold. … He said they were suffering, you know. They needed help,” Mohur said.

“When I saw Carlo’s actions, you know, with such a small child, then I was converted.”

Acutis helped Mohur learn to pray the rosary and invited him to pray it with him and his parents.

“He had developed the habit… of reciting the holy rosary every evening before going to bed,” Mohur recalls.

Acutis told Mohur that a person can pray the rosary without being baptized, but only practicing Catholics can receive the Holy Eucharist. Acutis explained that the Eucharist is the culmination of charity and that virtues are acquired through a sacramental life.

“He knew the Catechism of the Catholic Church almost by heart and explained it so brilliantly that he managed to excite me about the importance of the sacraments,” Mohur said.