Bruce Springsteen breaks silence after health concerns postpone concerts

Days after Bruce Springsteen announced he was postponing his European performances due to “vocal issues,” he broke his silence on social media to share a message with his fans.

On Sunday, Springsteen, 74, posted a video of himself on Instagram from Marseille, France.

“We will be back,” he wrote in the caption of the message in which he addresses the camera: “Hey, this is Bruce Springsteen. I’m in Marseille. Unfortunately, I couldn’t sing for you but we we will come back to Marseille, Prague and Milan to give you the show of your life, I promise.

“In the meantime, I would like to thank our Irish fans, our British fans and our fans in Wales for giving us a series of deeply memorable concerts and we had a great time there,” he said. for follow-up. “We will be back, back to Madrid and Barcelona, ​​where we plan to thrill you! Very good, see you soon. Bye Bye.”

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Springsteen initially postponed his May 25 performance with the E Street Band in Marseille, but then had to postpone three additional dates on doctor’s orders.

“Further examination and consultation led doctors to determine that Bruce should not play for the next 10 days,” the posts said.

The shows scheduled for May 28 in Prague and June 1 and 3 in Milan will be postponed. New show dates will be “announced shortly,” the posts say.

Springsteen’s next performance will be June 12 in Madrid, his social media accounts said.

In March, Springsteen said his 2023 battle with peptic ulcer disease, which forced him to postpone more than 20 performances last year, was so severe that he feared he would never sing again.

“You think, Hey, am I going to sing again? “It’s one of the things I love doing the most, and right now I can’t do it,” he said in a call with SiriusXM’s E Street Radio channel. “I found some great doctors and they set me straight, and I can’t do anything but thank them.”

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