The leopard hides behind the grass when approaching its prey. Scary attack caught on camera

A warthog’s deadly encounter with a leopard was recorded by a man in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, because the footage from the scenario will send chills down your spine. Merwe van Niekerk, a dentist, filmed the incredible video capturing the leopard’s plot that ultimately led to the warthog walking into its trap.

The warthog is a wild member of the pig family (Suidae) found in the grasslands, savannahs and forests of sub-Saharan Africa.

The scene took place near a campsite, as told by Merwe, who shared video of the incident with Latest Sightings: “The roads were extremely quiet and we barely saw any animals for one moment. Then my wife said something caught her eye and thought maybe it was a leopard.

That’s right, because there was a “beautiful” leopard nearby, as well as a few warthogs – just that the latter didn’t know what fate had in store for them. “The warthogs had no idea of ​​the danger that awaited them. The leopard, on the other hand, couldn’t believe his eyes. Lunch was literally heading straight towards him,” Merwe told Latest Sightings.

The leopard, after spotting its prey, hid behind a patch of grass while the warthogs headed towards it, absolutely unaware of its presence. Soon after, however, one of the warthogs stopped and probably decided to scan the surroundings, but ultimately ignored his “hunch”: “the last mistake he ever made.”

In an instant, the leopard launched a brutal attack and killed the warthog in an inevitable move. After the big hunt, the leopard dragged the warthog’s body onto the road and disappeared into the bushes.

Watch the video here:

Shivering down your spine, indeed.

Although Merwe has made several trips to Kruger, he said when speaking to Latest Sightings that “a perfect leopard ambush is usually just something you dream of being able to see.” I still can’t believe I managed to film everything.

Published on:

May 29, 2024