Video of robot kneading dough leaves internet shocked

Robots are probably one of the most beautiful scientific innovations created over the years by scientists. You name any task and these autonomous machines can do it at lightning speed. A video has surfaced on Instagram showing one of these robots kneading dough extremely quickly.

The video starts with the machine kneading the dough correctly in all corners. As the clip progresses, the robot continues to complete this process without stopping for even a second. This is in stark contrast to many humans who have to put in a lot of effort to knead dough and do it smoothly. Even co-workers in the kitchen are baffled to see the robot completing the task at hand at such a pace, one of them is seen running out of the kitchen. This clip went viral on social media and has been viewed more than 100 million times.

Social media users had many interesting reactions to this clip. One asked: “Did you wash your metal before touching food?” » This is quite similar to the question many people ask their peers, namely, “Have you washed your hands before touching food?” » Another pointed out that the bread would be missing a key ingredient that no technology can replace. jobs.


In a similar case, a video of a humanoid robot named Atlas performing all human tasks went viral on social media. An American engineering and robotics company named Boston Dynamics revealed its prototype on YouTube. The video’s description reads: “It’s time for Atlas to learn a new set of skills and put himself into practice.” In this video, the humanoid robot manipulates the world around it: Atlas interacts with objects and modifies its trajectory to achieve its objective. a goal that pushes the limits of locomotion, sensing and athletics.

The clip highlights the astonishing agility and dexterity of the Atlas robot, as it assists a worker on a makeshift construction site. It has garnered over 9 million views.

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