Prince Harry defended by his uncle against the royal family’s shocking decision

Prince Harry was fiercely defended by his uncle after the royal family made a decision about him.

Princess Diana’s brother Earl Charles Spencer, who has a close relationship with his nephew Prince Harry, previously defended the Duke against a shocking decision by the royal family.

Earl Spencer was forced to defend Harry when the royal family was planning Princess Diana’s funeral.

King Charles’ youngest son Harry recalled the incident and said his uncle objected to him walking behind his mother’s coffin.

Harry was just 12 when the funeral took place and he and his brother Prince William, who was just over 15, were expected to follow the coffin on foot. Earl Spencer thought it was too much for the younger brothers to handle.

‌Recalling the incident in his memoir Spare, Harry said: “It seemed like a lot to ask of two young boys. Several adults were appalled. Mum’s brother, Uncle Charles, raised hell.”

Harry said his uncle shouted: “You can’t force these boys to walk behind their mother’s coffin! It’s barbaric.” An alternative plan was created for William to walk alone behind the coffin, however, it was decided that both brothers should do so “to gain sympathy”.

The Duke of Sussex added: “Uncle Charles was furious. But not me. I didn’t want Willy to go through such an ordeal without me. If the roles had been reversed, he would never have wanted me – in fact, allowed me, going it alone.

Earl Spencer recently reunited with Harry at St Paul’s Cathedral for a special service marking the anniversary of the Invictus Games. Royal expert Tom Quinn believes the show of solidarity “speaks volumes” about the earl’s loyalty.

Princess Diana sadly died in August 1997 in a fatal car accident in Paris. Tom said the mirror there is “still a lot of bitterness”. The expert added: “Like Harry, the Spencers still view the royal family, to some extent, as the enemy.”