He was found guilty on 34 counts, Trump says: Biden’s unfair trial

He was found guilty on 34 counts, Trump says: Biden's unfair trial
Former US President Donald Trump considered Friday’s trial, in which he was found guilty of hiding money and falsifying documents, extremely unfair.

“As far as the process itself, it was very unfair. You saw what happened to some of the witnesses who were on our side, the judge cross-examined them,” Trump said at the conference. press.

Trump then criticized Judge Juan Mercan, saying, “He looks like an angel, but he’s really the devil.” Never has a judge been more confrontational. Some bad people are guilty of this. »

“If they can do it to me, they can do it to anyone,” Trump continued.

Donald Trump was found guilty by the Mahnatan District Court on 34 counts. Mercan set July 11 as the date for Trump’s verdict to be delivered. A long road awaits us, since the American elections will take place in November 2024.

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