Miami Dolphins RB Room Will Make Mike McDaniel Sweat Come Cut Time

The good news for Mike McDaniel is that he doesn’t need to trim his running back group until September; the bad news is that he will have to make some very difficult choices for the 53-man roster. When the time comes for the Miami Dolphins head coach, it could lead to some of the toughest decisions he will have to make positionally.

Predicting the bottom running backs out of the team’s 53 isn’t too difficult. Barring injuries, the stable of running backs will create big opportunities for McDaniel’s offense, but who will be the odd man out when the team starts cutting back?

Raheem Mostert, De’Von Achane and Jaylen Wright are the keys to making the roster. Miami will likely carry four rushers and fullback Alec Ingold into the season. The final spot will be a huge camp battle that could have a McDaniel favorite looking for work.

Jeff Wilson Jr. is the player overseeing all of this. Wilson restructured his contract and as a result he will receive a little more money whether he makes the team or not. If Miami releases him, they’ll take away $1.18 million in dead money and save $1.2 million. Obviously his contract won’t be a reason for him to be let go. The problem McDaniel will face is that Chris Brooks ran well last year and he will do everything possible to make the roster again in 2024.

Training camp will fall to Brooks, Wilson and Salvon Ahmed, who appear to be the least likely to make the Week 1 roster. Drafting Wright was the final writing on the wall for two of these players.

It’s hard to see an avenue where Miami has five running backs on a 53-man roster. The team has far too many other positions that need depth, and running back may not be the best unit to stack on. This could lead to bad news for someone. So, who will be selected?

Post-draft predictions: Miami will keep four RBs and Ingold. Mostert, Achane, Wright and Brooks will be safe. If there are any injuries during camp, Wilson will be the next player in, but for now, he’ll be the odd one out.