90-year-old veteran caught working in heat on Memorial Day, $200,000 raised to help

NEW ORLEANS (WKRC) – A 90-year-old veteran was pushing carts at a grocery store to make ends meet. In one week, more than $200,000 was raised so he could retire.

“Today, Memorial Day, in 90 degree heat (with a heat index of 103 (!) thanks to the humidity), I watched a United States Air Force veteran A 90-year-old herding and pushing shopping carts in a Metairie, Louisiana grocery store back and forth, stacking cart after cart, sometimes more than twenty at a time, Mr. Dillon McCormick pulled and stood. made my way through the maze of cars I watched a few others help him and thought the best way I could help him would be to share his story.

These are the opening lines of Karen Swensen’s GoFundMe campaign for Dillon McCormick. Swensen, a former news anchor from New Orleans, was shocked when she spotted the 90-year-old man pushing carts alone in the sweltering heat, and immediately asked why he was doing physical labor on such a day intense.

McCormick revealed that he needed $2,500 a month to survive and that Social Security was not enough. He needed the job to make up the difference.

Taken by this interaction, Swensen launched her campaign later that evening. She shared the link on her social media and even sent it to a few friends, including Hota Kotb of the “Today Show.”

The next day, the campaign had raised more than $200,000.

“Thank you to everyone who donated to Mr. McCormick’s fund,” Swensen posted on the GoFundMe campaign the next day. “He will live out his days in comfort and security. Tomorrow we will begin the process of transferring the funds. What a delightful day awaits him!”