Old car owners request cancellation of their registration – News

Owners of cars aged 20 or older have started approaching Abu Dhabi’s traffic and licensing authorities to request cancellation of their registrations, a senior police official said on Monday.

Published: Wed September 10, 2008, 1:40 a.m.

Last update: Fri October 21, 2022, 11:29

From January 1, cars in this category will cease to operate in accordance with a Cabinet decision issued earlier this year.

Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed Al Kitbi, Director of the Driving Licenses and Vehicles Department at Abu Dhabi Police, told Khaleej Times that all necessary arrangements were in place to facilitate the speedy cancellation of these vehicles.

“To have the registration of a car cancelled, the owner must first clear all accumulated fines for violations, whether registered with the traffic police or the municipality,” he said. underlines.

Lieutenant Colonel. Al Kitbi said owners, who wish to sell their vehicles to scrap dealers, should provide a sale-purchase letter from the buyer, confirming the agreement.

The letter must be accompanied by the ownership card, registration plate and 200 Dh as a cancellation fee.

For owners who wish to export their vehicles, they must present a bill of lading along with an ownership card and license plate, he said, adding that cancellation fees in this case amount at 300 Dh.

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