Unexpected reason why drivers should turn on their car’s heater this summer to end power outage problem, auto expert reveals

A CAR expert has shared an unconventional method to prevent your engine from overheating and potentially breaking down this summer.

As the UK prepares for a hot spell weather report – when the rain and wind eventually ease, motorists may find that the heat can cause problems for their car.

Drivers can prevent their engine from overheating with an unexpected techniqueCredit: Getty
However, this could cause slight discomfort during the hot summer months.Credit: Getty
Turning up the heat could be a quick fixCredit: Getty

Fortunately, there is a somewhat unexpected technique that could help keep your engine cool during hot spells, even if it means a little discomfort.

Breakdown expert Tom Riley of MyCarRecoveryLondon suggested that turning on your car’s heater could be a quick solution to your car overheating, as it can exhaust hot air from the engine bay and ultimately cool the engine.

And while it won’t fix the underlying problem, it can certainly be a useful temporary solution until you can get your car inspected and repaired, especially on long trips.

Tom says if your engine is overheating and you can’t stop safely, turning on the heater might help in the short term.

He said: “Turn on the heater in your vehicle until you find a safe place to park.

“Make sure the air conditioner is turned off and turn up the heat.

“This can help carry heat away from the engine and can even temporarily reverse the overheating process.

“However, you will still need to stop and let your car sit for at least 15 minutes.”

Tom adds that using the heater in this way can indeed lower the engine temperature – until a safe place to stop is found.

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He also emphasizes the importance of carrying extra coolant and checking coolant levels regularly to avoid overheating problems.

It comes as drivers were also urged to take seven essential items in their motor this summer, including a £4 gadget ideal for keeping kids cool in the back seat.

And car owners also saw a simple solution that could make their air conditioning “twice as cold” this summer.

Tom’s additional tips to prevent your car from overheating:

  • Park in the shade and use sunscreen to keep your car interior cool
  • Monitor your temperature gauge and coolant levels regularly, adding coolant as necessary
  • Keep extra coolant in your car to refill when needed
  • Open windows and floor vents to let hot air escape and keep indoor temperatures low
  • Have your cooling system flushed and cleaned by a mechanic every 40,000 miles