Tiruchi Government Hospital maternity waiting rooms lack basic amenities

The waiting rooms at the maternity ward of the government Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital in Tiruchi lack basic amenities, much to the inconvenience of those accompanying the patients.

Although there are two waiting rooms on the side of the building, people who look after patients admitted to the ward say the conditions inside the room were pathetic and so they occupy the part before maternity. Most residents sleep outside at night, outside the ward.

Participants complained that when it rains, the roofs leak. The rooms are not well maintained and, due to a lack of trash cans, littering was common, they said. Announcements calling for patient assistance are not audible in waiting rooms and require the installation of a public address system.

“I’ve been here six days and I don’t hear the announcements made if I’m in the waiting rooms. The waiting rooms are not kept clean and when it rains it becomes intolerable because the roof leaks. I cannot rest in this environment,” said A. Saravana Kumar, a participant.

The waiting rooms do not have chairs or beds. Toilet faucets often run dry. With a poorly covered sewer nearby, the threat of mosquitoes poses a danger to participants.

“I can’t get drinking water because there are only two RO drinking water taps. Water taps used daily do not work at all and bathrooms remain locked. I have to use the pay toilets outside the hospital. I’m afraid that if I’m gone for too long, I might miss the nurses’ calls,” said Mr. Karthik, a responder.

D. Nehru, dean of GH, promised to look into the visitors’ grievances.

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