Swans support shocked after rowing team kills swan on River Thames

Swans support shocked after rowing team kills swan on River Thames

On Sunday, June 9, a member of the public alerted authorities after seeing the bird hit by the blades of two eight-oared women’s boats.

The rowers, who belonged to Marlow Rowing Club, were sailing down the River Thames past Cookham Sailing Club at around 7.50am when they struck the cygnet.

Wendy Hermon from the charity Swan Support said: “Sadly, although there wasn’t much we could do for the cygnet, we went out to collect him and check on the family.

“In our opinion, this could have been avoided: each of the boats had a coxswain and the coach was on a safety boat! The family was spotted but the boats did not slow down. We have been in contact with the Marlow Rowing Club.

After the cygnet was hit, witnesses saw the bird being moved downstream by its family.

The rowing club, based on the River Thames near Bisham, has been contacted for comment.

The incident comes as the charity reported a shocking increase in swan and bird attacks on the River Thames and in local waterways.

Following the fatal shooting in Cookham, the charity was called to Penton Hook at around 1pm, where a speeding boat passed and killed an adult swan.

Hermon added: “Both incidents have been reported to the respective police forces. If you witness any incident, please call us on 07968 868172.

“The rivers and streams are there for all to enjoy, but we ask that residents be respected! Those with young cannot get away quickly enough and many adults are now molting and therefore cannot fly or maneuver out of the way.

Swan Support is a swan and wildlife rehabilitation center that rescues, treats and cares for sick and injured swans in the Thames Valley and surrounding areas.

Their team of dedicated rescuers and volunteers happily give their time to help rescue and care for swans and cygnets at their headquarters in Datchett.