Def Leppard’s Phil Collen Shares the Inspiration Behind ‘Just Like 73’

Def Leppard’s Phil Collen Shares the Inspiration Behind ‘Just Like 73’

Def Leppard recently released the new single “Like 73“, and it turns out it was a song they had been hanging on to for a while.

Guitarist Phil Collen tells ABC Audio that the song is one he demoed while they were recording their 2022 album, Diamond Star Halos. He notes that it all started with “the classic Mike Leandre drum sound”, referring to the producer known for working with Gary Glitter on his hits “Rock and Roll Part 1” and “Rock and Roll Part 2”.

Collen says that “Just Like 73” was inspired by “the big hits of the early ’70s” that featured vocals like the one featured in the song.

“The choirs, we just scream, we don’t sing,” notes Collen. “There are a lot of bands that do really nice harmonies, which we can do, but it’s more the Sex guns a kind of school where we shout things.

He says the song also has a bit of T-RexIt is Mark Bolanwith lyrics inspired by David Bowiewho had a huge influence on Collen growing up.

“Bowie’s three albums, Hunky-dory, Ziggy stardust And Aladdin Sanémy favorites,” he says, noting that music “shaped my musical direction.”

An added bonus on “Just Like 73” is a guitar solo from Rage against the machineIt is Tom Morello, who used to cover Def Leppard’s “Rock of Ages” growing up. Collen says Morello heard the demo, loved the song and wanted to participate.

“It’s been great. And, you know, I love Tom Morello, I love Rage Against the Machine,” he says. “So that was really cool.”

Def Leppard will hit the road with Journey this summer, starting July 6 in Saint-Louis. A full list of dates can be found at

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