Three-Eyed Fish Caught in Greenland and Simpsons Fans Are Convinced It’s Blinky

Three-Eyed Fish Caught in Greenland and Simpsons Fans Are Convinced It’s Blinky

A fisherman from Greenland captured an unusual creature, to say the least, after catching a three-eyed fish. Photos shared on social media showed the fish with three eyes: one on the left and right sides, and a third above the head. It is still unclear exactly when and where this strange fish was caught.

Photos of three-eyed fish go viral

But the photo posted to the r/Europe subreddit took Reddit by storm, with many wondering how the fish managed to survive for so long. Many also wondered if his three eyes were functional and, if so, how he could see things.

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“What is more than likely is that one of the three is not functioning properly. You can see that the fish has proptosis in the left eye; I suspect it is probably not functional. It could even be that 2 out of 3 are “Non-functional. I’ve seen many deformations with fish, and in most cases the ‘extra bit’ wasn’t functional,” one Reddit user wrote.

Simpsons fans see Blinky

As the photo went viral, many also compared the bizarre creature to Blinky from The simpsons. Blinky the Three-Eyed Fish (or simply Blinky) was featured in two episodes of The Simpsons in 1990: “Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish.”

The simpsons

Who is Turn signal

Blinky has been described as a species of orange, three-eyed fish, found in ponds and lakes outside of Springfield. Nuclear plantand it mutated because of the radiation.

“It took a few decades, but The Simpsons pulled off another one,” said one Reddit user, while another wondered if the fish had visited Springfield.

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Another mutant fish caught in 2023

Although it is unclear what exactly caused the mutation in the fish caught in Greenland, it is worth noting that in 2023, an Argentinian fisherman had caught a mutant wolffish in a tank powered by a local nuclear power plant .

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