At two major concerts of the festival in Tivat and Podgorica, the audience was treated to an unofficial jazz show

At two major concerts of the festival in Tivat and Podgorica, the audience was treated to an unofficial jazz show

Excerpt from the press conference, Photo: Made In New York Jazz Festival

During two major festival concerts in Tivat and Podgorica, the audience was offered a special jazz show, announced Vladimir Maraš, founder of the Rabbit Records company and director of the “Made In New York Jazz Festival 2024”.

Organizers announced the “Made In New York Jazz Festival 2024” press conference. in Montenegro, which took place at the Sejdef jazz club, opened by Maraš.

“Nathan East (legendary bassist who shaped the most famous bass parts in modern music), Jeff ‘Tain’ Watts (legendary drummer, eight-time winner of the prestigious Grammy Award), Frank Gambale (jazz/fusion legend guitar, permanent member of the legendary ‘Chick Core Electric band’), Kennedy Kennedy (leader and vocal soloist of the popular American soul group ‘Kennedy Administration’), with strong support from the cream of the world jazz scene: Ekep Nkwelle, Lana Janjanin, Yaacov Mayman, Branko Sterpin, Noah East, Michal Martyniuk, Luis Bonilla, Milan Pavković, Filip Bulatović, Vladimir Maraš and Šule Jovović, during two major festival concerts in Tivat and Podgorica, offered the audience an unofficial jazz show ” Maras said.

The announcement adds that this year’s edition of the festival opened with a street jam session program called “Jazz at Noon”, on the set in front of the building of Elektroprivreda Crne Gore (EPCG) in Nikšić, then on the set near Hipotekarna banka in Porto Montenegro in Tivat, and Podgorica was the host. jam session program in front of the Hard Rock Café at 8 p.m.

The first concert of the Made in New York Jazz Festival 2024 took place on the Porto Montenegro Synchro Stage in Tivat.

At the Sejdefa jazz club, as part of the festival, a concert was organized by the young Croatian artist, jazz composer, pianist and vocal soloist Lana Janjanin with her quartet.

“As part of the festival, a free “Masterclass” program was organized, hosted by all festival participants. On the same day, the final concert of the festival will take place in the atrium of the Capital Plaza Center. festival concerts, through after-party events, the audience will be treated to a top-notch blues program to present Nikšić’s band “Kind of Blues” with soloist Šule Jovović on keyboards – Blue Room, Porto Montenegro on Friday, June 21 at 11:15 p.m. and the Sejdefa jazz club in Podgorica, on Sunday, June 23 at 11:15 p.m. Exceptional musicians, the participants in this show lived an exceptional experience without sharing with the organization and production of the festival, as well as with welcome to a new jazz destination for them,” said the organizers.

Ognjen Damjanović, representative of the Ministry of Culture and Media of Montenegro, said that since the establishment of the festival, and for several years without interruption, the Ministry of Culture and Media has provided support to this festival, recognizing the importance of its a specific and recognizable international concept and content for the development and greater affirmation of jazz music. in Montenegro.

“Following the continued success in realizing such an intention, the Ministry in December 2022 granted the festival a status of special importance for the culture of Montenegro. From the point of view of the Ministry of Culture and Media, the importance of this festival is reflected in the realization of public interest in culture and through international cultural cooperation, by bringing together musical artists from different regions – by offering the participation of reference jazz artists from all over the world and the possibility for musicians from these regions to perform with them on the same stage “The participation of increasingly important names from the world jazz scene contributes to the promotion of our country as a destination where it is possible to hear artists of exceptional musical reputation,” said Damjanović.

Representatives of festival partners Bojana Maraš, PR Manager mTel and Tomaš Damjanović from EPCG expressed their satisfaction at being part of this project and hinted at long-term cooperation with the Festival.

Stephen E. Dreikorn, Head of the Department of Media, Culture and Education at the Embassy of the United States of America (USA), spoke about the continued and fruitful cooperation within the framework of the project “Made In New York Jazz Festival”, which brought together numerous free programs for the general public and young people. musicians, in which American culture asserts itself.

Dreikorn thanked for his cooperation in bringing renowned American musicians who, thanks to this project, will perform for the first time at the Festival in Montenegro, as well as at the “Masterclass” and jam session programs.

“This is a long-standing collaboration that has continued since the first Festival, and we will welcome the tenth anniversary here, with the pleasure of contributing together to the constant growth of the Festival, and therefore to the promotion of American culture and growing interest in jazz music,” concluded Dreikorn.