Central government institutions prepare for Amaravati

Central government institutions prepare for Amaravati

The Andhra Pradesh government has accelerated the construction of the capital, Amaravati. Plans are being drawn up to establish central public sector institutions in the state.

Officials of the Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA) are holding discussions with central institutions that were allotted land between 2014 and 2019.

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The officials are said to have contacted central government institutions to inquire about their plans regarding the land allocated under the TDP regime from 2014 to 2019.

Some companies informed CRDA officials that they had not been contacted in the last five years, while others asked to be shown the land allocated to them.

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A few companies said they would make their decision after examining the land allotted to them in the capital area.

During the TDP rule, land was allocated to 10 to 15 central government institutions and national banks, such as CAG, RBI, SBI, FCI, CPWD, Department of Posts, NIFT and NID.

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It is learned that companies like NABARD, Union Bank, Canara Bank, LIC, Indian Oil, SBI and HPCL have shown interest in setting up their offices in the Amaravati capital region.