Foreigner caught urinating on tuk tuk in Phuket traffic

Foreigner caught urinating on tuk tuk in Phuket traffic

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A foreign man was filmed taking the shit out of a red tuk tuk in the Patong district Phuket Friday. A video of the incident quickly went viral on Thai social media on Friday, June 21.

A Thai baht bus driver shared the video on his New York Facebook account on Friday with a caption that read: “Portable toilets are everywhere in Patong. I’m tired of this kind of tourist.

In the video, two foreign tourists were seen sitting opposite each other on the red tuk tuk. One of them was drinking a can of beer, while the other, in a red shirt, urinated directly on the vehicle.

The stranger dared to urinate while the tuk tuk was in a traffic jam, where other motorists could clearly see his actions.

The video sparked many complaints against the foreigner in the comments section.

“A wide variety of tourists that we have to meet every day. »

“Bad behaviour.”

“Mobile toilets…”

“Don’t poop, okay?”

“This man behaves worse than a dog. The animal chooses a suitable place to pee, but it does not do so.

“Make him pay 10,000 baht for cleaning!” »

In a similar report in March, a foreign woman was criticized after she urinated on the sidewalk of Bangla Road in Phuket while drunk. She was caught on viral video taking off her pants and urinating near a sign despite numerous witnesses watching.

Another incident occurred at the Emerald Buddha Temple in Bangkok in May when a couple, believed to be Chinese, allowed their daughter to urinate in public outside the Grand Palace. Some Thai netizens felt the girl was too young to understand the rules, while others said her parents were old enough and should have controlled their child.

In May last year, a trans woman was criticized for urinating on the side of the road near the Lumpini police station. Her friend did not warn her about the inappropriate action, but instead took a video of her and shared it on social media platforms.

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