Emmerdale’s Amit Sharma surprised as Jai becomes suspicious

Emmerdale Spoilers follow.

Amit Sharma was finally surprised by his son Jai in Emmerdale.

Jai discovered his biological father’s questionable dealings in Wednesday’s (March 27) episode, after initially being warned by Eric Pollard that Amit was up to no good.

Although Jai dismissed Eric’s warning, he found out that Amit was keeping some very dark secrets in the latest installment.

Eric was initially discouraged, admitting to Vinny and Rodney that Amit probably would have “sent” him if Jai hadn’t also been at Holdgate for the confrontation.

Amit Sharma in EmmerdaleAmit Sharma in Emmerdale


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Jai began to suspect that Amit was up to something when his father volunteered to take HOP’s proceeds to the bank.

He decided to follow his father, where he saw Amit using HOP money to pay the woman who threatened him in secret meetings.

“It’s a deposit,” he told the loan shark. “I can get you the rest in installments.”

Amit promised the woman that he could get more money from HOP to pay her, as he would soon allow his business to make money “like water from a tap.”

When Amit later told Gabby and Suni that he had lost their money in a mugging, Jai looked at his father suspiciously and tried to trip up his explanation.

Jai then went to Eric to admit that he should have listened to the warnings, before offering to work together.

“Amit is a liar, a scammer and a thief,” Jai told Eric. “I saw him today, handing over the Skin proceeds to that loan shark.”

Jai Sharma in EmmerdaleJai Sharma in Emmerdale


He then realized: “Amit played on all of us, looking for weaknesses. He is a predator… Amit had all of us in his sights to scam us, to exploit us.”

Since both of them now realized that Amit must be behind Rishi’s death, Jai demanded “irrefutable” evidence from Eric so that they could bring down the bad guy.

The serial has already hinted that Amit might be behind Rishi’s death as the brothers were set to receive a big inheritance just before the mysterious incident.

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