One Piece: What is the message of Vegapunk?

Vegapunk promises to reveal the truth about the world in its message. So here’s everything you need to know about one of One Piece’s most shocking moments.

The One Piece manga confirmed that Vegapunk would reveal the truth to the world in his message. The broadcast was triggered in chapter 1108, released on February 25, 2024. It’s been several weeks since then, and the recent chapter only reveals a small part of it.

We also find out that Gorosei knows nothing about it. Even so, they know that Vegapunk knows many secrets, so whatever he says would get them in trouble. Over the few decades of his service, Vegapunk’s inventions helped the Marines grow in power.

However, he committed the greatest taboo by researching the Empty Century. One Piece chapters 1114 and 113 highlight Vegapunk’s message as he reveals the truth about the world. Warning: this article contains spoilers for the next chapter!

One Piece Manga Chapter 1113

The message begins with Vegapunk revealing that the world will darken in the future. However, One Piece chapter 1114 spoilers shed more light on this matter. Vegapunk says sea levels will rise by one meter due to earthquakes. However, it will not be a natural disaster.

He talks about his two sons, one of whom creates the Mother Flame and the other studies the Void Age. After Imu used the Mother Flame on the kingdom of Lulusia, earthquakes caused the sea level to rise by a meter.

The weapon still exists and is a small flame placed underwater inside a tank. It’s similar to how the scientist’s head was placed in a tank. Additionally, Vegapunk talks about the origins of Nika and Joyboy. Nika, the legendary Warrior of Liberation, comes from Elbaf, the kingdom of Giants.

Meanwhile, the first Joyboy was a young man from the old kingdom. He had the power to stretch his body like Nika. Joyboy was first mentioned in the Fish-Man Island Arc, but nothing was known about his origins until now.

Vegapunk’s message will likely continue in One Piece Chapter 1115. The manga is taking another break after this week. However, we will update this space once the new chapters are released.

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