Should the San Francisco Giants consider a blockbuster trade for the Miami Marlins star?

The highly anticipated Miami Marlins fire sale has begun and the San Francisco Giants could be one of the teams to benefit.

The Giants are a team that has a questionable future at multiple positions, meaning a potential superstar with multi-position versatility could be a smart idea for the front office to target.

That’s exactly what they could get from the Marlins in a trade for Jazz Chisholm Jr.

Chisholm has experience as both a center infielder, center fielder and designated hitter. While Jung Hoo Lee has been placed at the center of the team’s list of needs, Chisholm would open up many different options within their lineup.

He was slashing .242/.324/.394 this season starting Tuesday during a bit of a down year, but he’s up slightly since being promoted to the lineup after the Luis Arraez trade .

One of the biggest upsides of trading for the Bahamian native is that he is under team control through the end of 2026. He is also only making $2.6 million this year, which would make him one of the cheapest options on the commercial market.

Current San Francisco shortstop Nick Ahmed has been good on defense, but has been very poor at the plate over the past two seasons. So far in 2024, he’s only slashed .235/.275/.294. The option to bring some power to the position should be interesting since the Giants are currently ranked 20th in slugging.

Ahmed is also under contract for this year only, so eyes should be on the future if they don’t think their No. 1 prospect, Marco Luciano, is quite ready.

Miami is looking for bats in exchange for Chisholm, which would mean someone like Bryce Eldridge or Walker Martin would likely be involved. Arraez didn’t find any of the Marlins’ top 100 prospects, but expects the asking price for Chisholm to be a bit higher.