PM Modi attacks Rahul Gandhi for ‘Adani-Ambani’

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PM Modi questions Gandhi’s ties with industrialists

What is the story

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday asked Congress leader Rahul Gandhi why he had “suddenly stopped talking about Ambani and Adani”, insinuating that a “secret deal” may have been reached.

Addressing a rally in Congress-ruled Telangana, PM Modi said “Shehzada of Congress (Gandhi) was saying the same thing for 5 years. After his Rafale was grounded, he started take the name Ambani-Adani”.

However, after the elections were announced, he stopped attacking them, the Prime Minister added.

Why is this story important?

In 2019, Gandhi claimed that the “trail of corruption” in the Rafale fighter jet deal “starts and ends with” Prime Minister Modi.

It also alleged “destruction of evidence” and a “clear cover-up” after the government told the Supreme Court that crucial files relating to the deal had been “stolen”.

However, the apex court later rejected all review petitions in the Rafale case.

After the Rafale affair, Gandhi accused Prime Minister Modi and his government of favoring the interests of industrialists to the detriment of those of marginalized groups.

PM Modi challenges Gandhi’s sudden silence

“Today I want to ask from Telangana ground, he must declare how much money they took from Ambani, Adani? Was there any deal? Why did you stop abusing Ambani and Adani overnight?” » asked the Prime Minister.

Zaroor daal mein kucchh kaala hai (something is wrong). You mistreated them for five years and then it stopped overnight?” he added.

He also accused the Congress of undermining India’s potential and ruining its economy, especially in the agriculture and textile sectors.

PM Modi accuses Congress of prioritizing family over nation

PM Modi further claimed that the Congress and the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) had leased Hyderabad to the Asaduddin Owaisi-led AIMIM.

He criticized both parties for prioritizing family interests over national interests, while the BJP upholds the principle of “nation first”.

He claimed that although the BRS frequently accused the Congress of cash-for-vote schemes, it did not launch any investigations when it was in power.

He said the two parties are linked by corruption, appeasement and ineffective governance.

Modi made 22 billionaires in his 10-year term: Gandhi

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Gandhi raised the industrialists’ charge, alleging that Prime Minister Modi wanted to hand over ‘Jal, Jungle, Jameen’ (water, forest, land) belonging to the tribals to the industrialists.

“The Prime Minister wants to hand over the ‘Jal, Jungle, Jameen’ of the tribes to 14 or 15 industrialists… he has made 22 people billionaires in his 10-year tenure… We will earn billions from lakhpatis ‘He’s voted into power,’ he said. .

Notably, Telangana signed several MoUs with the Adani Group, totaling an investment of ₹12,400 crore in various sectors in January.