Kate Beckinsale dresses as an old man in a wheelchair in a message to haters

Kate Beckinsale hits back at haters.

On Tuesday, May 7, the 50-year-old actress shared images of herself dressed as an aging groom on Instagram in response to criticism of her look online.

Beckinsale – who recently returned home after a hospital stay for an undisclosed health issue – was unrecognizable in her outfit as she wore a bald, wrinkled mask and white suit and bow tie as she sat in a wheelchair.

“New deal. That’s all you get,” she captioned the first photo shared of her transformation. “I hope it’s less triggering and more what you consider age appropriate. Sayonara sluts.

Kate Beckinsale in an old man’s costume with her cat Willow.

Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

Beckinsale appeared in the close-up with her masked look in a wheelchair indoors as she cradled her cat Willow, who matched her dressed-up look. A follow-up video showed Beckinsale in the same position with the camera panning also showing her wearing white platform boots.

In another photo, Beckinsale sat in the wheelchair and kicked the air as she was pushed by a woman dressed in a wedding suit.

The actress was then joined by her Pomeranian Myf in a clip as she sat in the same wheelchair outside on a sports field. In a final video, Beckinsale fell from the wheelchair onto the ground of the same field as the “bride” who accompanied her rushed to tend to her.

Beckinsale’s look, which she first revealed for Halloween 2023, comes days after she addressed the online harassment she claims to face due to her appearance and aging.

In a long post on Instagram on May 5, the Underworld The star opened up about her “serious anxiety” about aging by sharing a clip of herself “20 years apart” alongside a clip from her last public appearance.

“I hate talking about this because I hate adding to this conversation, but I do it because insidious bullying of any kind over time takes its toll,” Beckinsale wrote.

“Every time I post something – and in fact this has been the case since I was around 30 – I am accused of having undergone unrecognizable surgery/using Botox with cosmetics. filling/obsessing with looking younger,” she continued, adding, “and it really is such a tedious and subtly vicious way to intimidate a person.

Kate Beckinsale.

Ryan Emberley/amfAR/amfAR via Getty Images

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Beckinsale confirmed in her post that she doesn’t “do any of those things.”

“I am posting this knowing full well that it will have absolutely no effect. This isn’t going to stop,” she wrote. “But I’m also posting it because a person’s appearance, constantly accusing them of things they didn’t do, or being obsessed by youth when in fact right now I’m obsessed with surviving loss is bullying.”

“Please stop now,” she added.