Woman caught stealing from her own sister: money recovered

According to reports, a 22-year-old lady tried to pass off the theft of gold and cash from her sister’s home as a burglary. After a long police interrogation, she revealed the truth. Uma, an employee of a car consultancy firm, is the suspect arrested by the Kengeri police. She broke into her sister’s house in Kengeri in west Bengaluru and took the valuables.

The goods were collected on April 24 when the family visited their village in Huliyurdurga, Tumakuru, for a festival. It was Uma who was seeing her sister.

As there were valuable items in the property, Uma had asked a relative to stay until they returned. On the evening of April 24, he came home to find ripped open cans and chili powder all over the kitchen floor. A police station in Kengeri received a complaint. When the neighbors were questioned by the police, they didn’t really help. Nothing was seen on the security cameras positioned throughout the residence.

“We discovered that when the relative entered the residence, the door was locked. While searching for spot evidence at the crime scene, we were unable to locate any fingerprints. We concluded that the crime was committed by a family member,” said an investigator.

The police were informed by the complaint that Uma frequently visited her sister. Uma was questioned for two days by Kengeri police after following the lead, but she refused to confess. “But in the end, she lost it. Before the family left for Tumakuru, she made a duplicate key to the house, which she used to break in, police said. All of the suspect’s cash and valuables were recovered by police. Uma was placed in judicial custody by a judge.