Hollyoaks broadcasts shock fall for Ste Hay in revenge storyline

Hollyoaks spoilers follow Friday’s episode on Channel 4 streaming, which only airs on E4 on Monday.

Tonight’s (March 15) streaming episode of Hollyoaks aired a shock fall for Ste Hay amid the character’s ongoing revenge storyline.

After hitting Ella Richardson with his car, Ste is consumed with guilt. Although her husband James Nightingale blamed drug dealer Kane, Ella’s father Warren Fox recently discovered Ste’s secret – and is desperate for answers.

Tonight’s episode saw Ste worry for his family’s safety, with Leah and Lucas reluctantly agreeing to flee the village with their father. Meanwhile, Warren continued to question James while his men searched for Ste.

Murphy, Warren Fox and Ste Hay in HollyoaksMurphy, Warren Fox and Ste Hay in Hollyoaks

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Ste was then forced out of hiding when Warren called Ste from James’ phone and threatened Ste’s children. Ste arrived at the pub to help her husband, with Warren and Murphy waiting for her.

“I’m really sorry,” Ste said, to which Warren replied, “Not as sorry as having to bury my little girl. Now I want to know which one of you murdered my daughter?”

James and Ste managed to escape, but were not free for long, with Warren pursuing them to the top of a multi-storey car park. Before Warren could punish James for Ella’s death, Ste intervened and admitted that he was the one who killed her, although Warren was skeptical about who to believe.

“You saw me cry, you carried my daughter’s casket at her funeral. You stood there and looked me in the eyes, so why should I believe you now?” » Warren asked.

Murphy and Ste Hay in HollyoaksMurphy and Ste Hay in Hollyoaks

Photos of Chaux

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“The boots, she wore red boots,” Ste said, as he tried to make Warren believe it. “How do I know if there is one? I only know because I found it stuck under the steering wheel of the car. And I hid it because I panicked.”

Ste continued: “Since she passed away, it’s like a part of me too. I can’t live with that anymore”, with Warren responding: “That’s one thing we agree on.”

James and Ste once again tried to escape. James stopped halfway up the stairs to see where his husband had gotten to, only to look out the window and see Ste fall.

Will Ste be okay?

Hollyoaks broadcasts online for the first time via Channel 4 every weekday at 7.30pm. The episodes are then broadcast on E4 the following day, before premiering on YouTube a week later.

Selected omnibus episodes are available via Prime Video.

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