Heartbreaking voicemail left by Callum Robinson, who was killed on a surfing trip in Mexico, to his partner Emily Horwath

The girlfriend of one of the Perth brothers killed in an execution during a surfing trip in Mexico has shared a voicemail message he left her before his death.

The bodies of Callum, 33, and Jake Robinson, 30, and their American friend Jack Carter Rhoad, 30, were identified by their family after being found in a well.

WATCH VIDEO ABOVE: Heartbreaking voicemail shared by Callum Robinson’s girlfriend.

All three were shot in the head during a botched robbery by thieves who wanted their SUV for spare parts, authorities said.

Callum’s girlfriend Emily Horwath paid tribute to her partner with a captured Instagram moment, including a recorded voice message he left for her.

“Happy Tuesday! Hello,” Callum said in the post.

“It’s 11:11 and I’m just thinking about you. I just wanted to send you a quick message and say hello, baby.

“I hope you start your day phenomenally. I feel a big smile on your face for some reason today. I hope you are full of positivity and smiles.

“Good job, baby. I miss you.”

Callum Robinson, 33, was killed while on a surf trip to Mexico with his brother and friend. Credit: @emily_livia/Instagram

Emily captioned the story: “I’m going to play this on repeat.”

“That’s exactly who you were. Positivity and smiles.

Emily previously said Callum was “one of the only ones”.

“My heart is broken into a million pieces,” she said.

“I don’t have the words right now.

“I will love you forever.”

“Beyond sad, the world lost you too soon Callum,” a friend said in an Instagram Story shared by Emily.

“The world is cruel and unfair, but you are not.

“Heaven has the best. We love you.”

His friends remembered the 33-year-old as “one of the most beautiful and loving souls”.

“This world lost one of its kindest, stupidest, most genuine souls this week,” a friend said.

“Heaven welcomed the purest and kindest angel,” said another.

Callum Robinson and his partner Emily Horwath. Credit: Instagram / @emily_livia

A friend of Jake’s paid tribute to the 30-year-old, saying: “It was an honor to have known and worked with you. »

Mexican Foreign Minister Alicia Barcena offered condolences to the men’s parents, saying her office “expresses solidarity with the families of the victims in the face of this tragic event and deeply regrets the outcome of the events.”

Federal Treasurer Jim Chalmers said the identification of the bodies was “frankly horrific news”.

“I think the heart of the entire country goes out to all his loved ones. This has been an absolutely horrible, absolutely horrible ordeal and our thoughts are with them all,” he said.

The brothers were in northern Mexico on a surfing vacation when they failed to check into pre-booked accommodation near the town of Ensenada.

The family traveled to Baja California, in northern Mexico, and identified the bodies as those of the brothers.

Authorities on Saturday discovered the remains in a remote 15-meter well atop a cliff on the Baja Peninsula on Mexico’s west coast.

Thieves allegedly killed the three men to steal their truck for tires, then disposed of the bodies about 6 km away.

Three suspects are detained in connection with this case.

One of the three was accused of forced disappearance, comparable to kidnapping.

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