Lift Bridge Brewing Com Launches Grape Ape + Cocktail Inspired Drinks

Lift Bridge Launches Grape Ape and New Cocktail Series Variety Pack!

Lift Bridge brings a whole new line of classic dive bar cocktails to the market with its new premium malt beverage variety pack.

Lift Bridge once again finds itself at the forefront of a new trend in the local drinks scene. As one of the first local breweries to open a tasting room, to produce and can hard seltzer, to make locally made sodas, to be one of the first local breweries to release a hazy IPA all the way year, and now one of the first local breweries to produce premium cocktail-inspired malt beverages for distribution. In recent years, the trend toward canned cocktails and ready-to-drink drinks has exploded. The segment as a whole has grown 104% in the last two years alone, and ready-to-drink cocktails account for more than 12% of U.S. alcohol volume, now outpacing the alcohol market. local wine.

It all started with the classic Midwestern cocktail, Grape Ape, which was originally launched at the Minnesota State Fair in 2023 to great success. After the show, Grape Ape quickly became the number one question asked by customers: When will you put Grape Ape in cans?

Grape Ape became a viral hit on social media and quickly became one of the most popular products on liquor store shelves in the Twin Cities. Lift Bridge is excited to expand this ambitious new range of canned cocktails with our new variety pack.

What is the difference between a premium malt drink and hard seltzer? We use our premium nanofiltered alcohol base to make our cocktail series drinks. The flavors are bolder than traditional hard seltzers, allowing us to better capture the classic cocktail experience these drinks are inspired by. Grape Ape, Cosmo, Paloma and Lemondrop are all tasty and as bright and colorful as the packaging that comes in them. This new range comes at the right time to become THE drink of summer 2024.


Grape Monkey — Premium malt beverage inspired by grapes and lime

Cosmos — Premium malt drink with cranberry and lime flavor inspired by a cocktail

Paloma — Premium malt beverage with grapefruit and tequila flavor inspired by cocktails

Lemon drop — Premium malt drink with lemon candy flavor inspired by cocktails

Grape Ape and Cocktail Series variety packs are available throughout Lift Bridge’s distribution footprint in Minnesota, Wisconsin, ND and SD.