Knicks fans had a special message for Reggie Miller during Game 2 victory

Despite giving up 73 points to the Indiana Pacers in the first half, the New York Knicks would not be denied a victory in Game 2.

The team fought back hard over the final two quarters to take a 2-0 series lead with a 130-121 victory. Jalen Brunson was forced to leave the game with a foot injury in the second quarter, but he was able to return – albeit hobbled – for a heroic second half. As he and his teammates put the finishing touches on the comeback, fans at Madison Square Garden rightly celebrated.

With 33.9 seconds left and Jalen Brunson at the free throw line, the fans let one of the most hated men in Knicks history hear it. Chants of “F*** you, Reggie” rained down from the stands as Reggie Miller called the final seconds of TNT.

Listen now:

With the headphones on and the producers in his ear, it might have been difficult for him to hear the affectionate message. But I guess that’s precisely why Josh Hart walked over to Miller to inform him of what the fans were saying.

Of course, the TNT mic picked up the entire exchange, prompting an “oh, uh” from Reggie when Hart relayed the magic words:

I have to imagine Miller knew something like this was going to happen when he walked into the building tonight. We all know about his historic beef with the franchise that stemmed from his bitter rival in the ’90s. From John Starks’ iconic headbutt to countless interactions with Spike Lee, we can just add tonight to the long list of Miller’s famous moments with the Knicks.