Prey 2 fan account falls silent after Arkane Studio shuts down, ending 2,560-day streak

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As we all learn that Microsoft has closed several of its studios, including Arkane Austin, some are taking the news harder than others. Case in point: a Prey fan account that tweeted about the hoped-for sequel for 2,560 consecutive days has now fallen into worrying silence. The final message darkly proclaims: “This is not a dream. It’s a nightmare. (Day 2,560) »

2,560 days, which equates to just over seven years, is an incredibly long time to tweet about a game, and so it’s sad to see how this particular story ended. The account (called Has Prey 2 been announced yet?) the only objective was to “count the days since Prey was released without a follow-up announcement”.

The vast majority of messages stick to a simple format: “No”, followed by the number of days since Prey’s release. Things took a dramatic turn yesterday when the story changed tone to, “It’s over. (Day 2,559).” As of this writing, 2,560 days after Arkane Austin’s release of Prey, the account has just posted what appears to be its final missive, thanking the community for the recent surge in support, asking them to continue to support Arkane Lyon and his favorite “imsim” (immersive simulation).