Hove footpath closed for more than six months after wall collapse

The trail between Woodland Drive and Woodland Avenue was closed after a storm caused a brick wall and fence to collapse in the fall of last year.

Former Hove councilor Jayne Bennett said elderly residents and people pushing strollers had to take a longer, steeper route.

Jayne Bennett said: “People are frustrated with how long it’s taking, it just seems ridiculous that they can’t open the trail sooner.

“It’s really inconvenient for the residents. If it fell on the road, it would already be cleared. Companies are losing business because of this.

“The other road that people take now is very steep, which is difficult for older people or those pushing a stroller. It’s really inconvenient and unfair for pedestrians.

L'Argus: The path has been blocked for months by the municipalityThe path has been blocked for months by the municipality (Image: provided)

Westdene and Hove Park Conservative councilor Ivan Lyons said surveyors had inspected the wall to “determine where work should start and finish”.

Cllr Lyons told The Argus: “It’s very frustrating for residents, it’s been going on since October when a storm brought down the wall.

“This is not acceptable to residents or businesses. They haven’t seen any progress, it’s the same situation as in October.

Brighton and Hove City Council said the path was closed in November.

Councilor Trevor Muten, chairman of the council’s transport and sustainability committee, said: “I completely understand that this is a frustrating situation for residents who will be eager to start using the footpath again, but our priority is the safety of our residents.

“We closed this trail after a residential wall was damaged in a storm. Our agents are in regular contact with the owner of the wall, who is currently in contact with insurers to obtain financing for the repair work.

“The work will be quite extensive and unfortunately the trail will be closed for several more weeks.

“I would like to thank residents for their patience.”