5/8 – Wednesday Night Forecast “Stay Ready” by Trey Tonnessen

Meteorologist Trey Tonnessen

The weather community here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast was focused on feeling wet throughout Wednesday. Fortunately, after passing level two out of five of mildly serious risk, from Thursday evening to Friday morning there is moderate relief.

Saturday and most of Sunday, the zonal flow will dominate the upper level pattern. Northerly surface winds during this time will help remove moisture and keep instability low, reducing the chance of rain. Minimal rain is therefore expected from Saturday to Sunday morning. Temperatures will be quite pleasant this weekend with highs in the 80s Saturday and 70s to 80s Sunday with lows in the 60s. An upper-level pulse moves through the area Sunday night into Monday morning, accompanied of several small higher-level pulses in close succession early next week. For the pulse moving through the area Sunday into Monday, southerly surface winds will help propel moisture and instability ahead of the system. Most of the most favorable moisture and forcing appears to be over our northernmost regions, but that could certainly change as things develop over the next few days. This is where there is some model uncertainty about the location of the highest precipitation and strongest weather conditions. We hope this will become clearer in the coming days.

As always: a cloudy day is no match for a sunny atmosphere. Be kind to each other.

-Meteorologist Trey Tonnessen