Wednesday’s Child: Meet Katie, a determined 11-year-old looking for her forever family

Hundreds of children are in the state’s foster care system, waiting for a family to adopt them. It’s part of our mission at KARK to find each of them a loving home through our Wednesday children’s series.
Every Wednesday, we will introduce you to a child up for adoption and share with you what they want most in a family.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Kaitlyn, or Katie as she likes to be called, has an answer for everything, from her favorite activity to what she likes to eat to what she would be if she could be anything.

“I like playing outside and I like playing with my friends,” the 11-year-old said. “My favorite food is pizza and chips. I wish I was a mermaid because mermaids are cool.

Wednesday’s Child – Katie

However, Katie seeks an answer to one question: will she find her forever family?

“I want to be adopted so I can stay in one place,” Kaitlyn said.

This question is also one that her adoption specialist at DCFS, Abby Hutchins, is determined to resolve.

“Too many people have already given up on her,” Abby said.

Wednesday’s Child – Katie

Abby noted that Katie has been in and out of the foster care system for much of her life, most recently since 2020.

“She’s very thoughtful, very talkative, very communicative,” Abby said. “She loves building relationships with people who matter to her.”

Wednesday’s Child – Katie

Abby’s hope is to find Katie a home where she can continue to thrive.

“I really think her future family needs to be a family that is patient, consistent and able to help her set very clear boundaries, but also be affectionate and loving towards her,” Abby said. “And help her become who she will be one day.”

For now, Katie waits, hoping that her future family will be the answer to everything she could ever want.

“I want a dog. I want a mom. I want a dad. I want brothers and sisters,” Kaitlyn said.

Wednesday’s Child – Katie

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