Edinburgh driver misparked after being fined despite paying meter

An Edinburgh tourist was left perplexed after paying for parking and found a ticket on his windscreen when he returned to his car.

Alan Miller was visiting the capital from London on April 2 and parked his rental car on King Stables Road before paying more than £20 for four hours and walking around Edinburgh Castle.

Although he received confirmation of his payment from the Ring Go parking app, he returned within the scheduled time to find a penalty notice under his windshield wiper.

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Furious at receiving the fine, Alan went online to submit a form proving he had paid for parking and returned within the allotted time – only to be asked once again to manually submit his contact details at the municipality.

However, it is understood that Alan mistakenly entered a zero rather than an ‘O’ when typing in his number plate, as the council said the fine was correctly issued, although it is likely that ‘Alan will be released without having to pay once all details are correct. is submitted to them.

Talk to Edinburgh live, co-founder of the charity Together, Alan described the situation as “infuriating” after ignoring the error. He commented: “I sent a response back to their website with receipt and proof that I had paid including the purchase, receipt, photo of the venue and the ticket on the car.