Street Fighter’s Balrog takes on the legend that inspired his creation in this epic stop-motion battle against Mike Tyson

It’s no secret that the original boxer in the Street Fighter franchise, Balrog, was designed with boxing legend Mike Tyson in mind. In fact, Balrog started out as a sort of parody/homage to Tyson – similar to what Fei Long is to Bruce Lee – and even had a different name in Japan that reflected that.

This would be the ultimate fight to see Balrog take on Mike Tyson in a good old-fashioned boxing match, and talented stop-motion artist PlasticAction went ahead and created what it could ultimately look like if it actually played out. Instead of being in the style of something like Death Battle, this fight is depicted with impressive action figures and, as you would expect, in stop motion.

The last time we saw PlasticAction’s fantastic work, it was another world warrior taking on old Iron Mike. Street Fighter poster boy Ryu tried his luck at the Punch Out game, taking on Tyson on his home turf – it didn’t go so well for Shoto.

This time, however, it’s Balrog taking on Mike Tyson in a more Street Fighter style of fighting. The short clip begins with a quick intro of both fighters, then we see the classic Street Fighter 2 intro “ROUND 1, FIGHT” come into play.

The two powerful pugilists meet at center stage and Balrog is quick to make the first move. He fires a left jab, which Tyson dodges and responds with a left jab, tripping Rog.

A quick right hook to the liver and a right uppercut are all the boxing legend needs to take out Balrog. Funny enough, this fight ends more like a Mortal Kombat match than a Street Fighter match, but either way, Balrog is just no match for the champion.

These PlasticAction sequences are short, but are very well done and probably require a ton of work to put together. Check out the stop-motion Mike Tyson vs. Balrog fight from Street Fighter below and let us know what you think of the results in the comments!