Postcard Inn brings new five-story, 87-room expansion to St. Pete Beach

St. Pete Beach’s nostalgic Postcard Inn — one of the first hotels developed in the city — could be in for a major renovation and expansion.

The owners of the 196-key oceanfront resort are seeking a conditional use permit (CUP) from the city of St. Pete Beach for renovation of the resort, built in 1957 in 6300, Gulf Boulevard, and construction of a new five-story, 87-room hotel on the property.

The new building would be built on an existing surface parking lot.

“Here at the Postcard Inn on St. Pete Beach, we’re not just renovating; we’re reinvesting in the heart of our community. Our upcoming renovation isn’t just about improving our space; it’s about giving back to the community. very community that has given us so much,” CEO Jeremy DaSilva said in a prepared statement to Saint Pete Rising.

DaSilva and staff held a neighborhood meeting Wednesday evening in the hotel, illustrating the big vision to residents.

A site plan shows that the first two levels of the hotel would be parking lots and the top three floors would house hotel rooms.