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Screenshot on the left taken from Oli London’s X account.

THE Colombian Law Review called on Columbia University to cancel exams in response to alleged trauma suffered by students after police removed a disruptive anti-Israel encampment at the Ivy League university.

The press release published by the Colombian Law Reviewwhich was published by The free beacon of Washingtonbegan: “As the board of directors of the student editors of the Colombian Law Review, we urge the law school to cancel exams and give all students passing grades for their work throughout the semester. Conversely, we believe that the Law School is at the very least respecting the community’s overwhelming call for mandatory pass/fail during this horrible time for our campus.

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The editors went on to criticize the New York Police Department’s dispersal of the disruptive anti-Israel encampment: “The violence we witnessed last night has irrevocably shaken many of us. Goodbye.” They stated that “(we) know it is the same for the majority of our classmates.”


As a result, the editors asserted: “Last night’s events have left us and many of our peers unable to concentrate and very emotional during this tumultuous time. »

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“This follows the growing distress many of us have felt for months as the humanitarian crisis abroad continues to spread and blatant anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and racism on campuses intensify “, they continued.

Last April, Columbia announced that students at the school’s Morningside campus could take their final exams remotely.

Campus reform has contacted Columbia University for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.