Woman Uses Black Eyeliner on Lips to Get Shocking Results: ‘Trust the Process’

We’re all for multitasking because using a makeup product beyond what it’s advertised for can not only be a great way to cut costs, but often leads to beautiful results as well.

While it may seem more obvious to use a dab of lipstick in place of blush, or run a wand of mascara over your brows if you’re in a hurry, pencil eyeliner is an extremely versatile product which is often overlooked.

If you’re using an eyeliner pencil in place of another product, ideas that initially come to mind include touching up sparse eyebrows and examining beauty spots and freckles to make them appear more visible – but would you ever consider using a bold black pencil? eyeliner on your lips?

Woman applying lip liner in mirror
Image of a woman applying lip liner in a mirror. A woman’s surprising use of eyeliner instead of lip liner has gone viral as viewers were shocked by the end result.

LittleBee80/Getty Images

A TikTok user shared a video to show how this unconventional use of a product can yield incredible results in creating a dark ombré lip effect.

UK-based makeup artist Evelyn Ropafadzo, who shared the video on TikTok under the handle @makeupbymissevelyn, garnered over 98,000 views on the video, which left viewers stunned by the end result.

Ropafadzo used a black eyeliner pencil in place of lip liner to outline her lips, defining the shape with a sharp border.

Drawing a second line inside the border she created with the first, the makeup artist then took a small, fluffy makeup brush and began buffing product toward the center of her lips, making sure to leave the most central space free so that she can add more. color.

She then used a liquid lipstick in a bright red shade, applying it directly to the center of her lips before blending it outwards towards the liner using a smaller brush to achieve a ombre look, from light to dark.

To make the colors pop, Ropafadzo topped off her makeup creation with a clear gloss to make the lips shiny, leaving her with a vampy lip look that’s totally on trend for 2024.

Expecting some skepticism from viewers, she says to just “trust the process.”

What do the comments say?

Many viewers of the video were eager to try the trend for themselves, having not considered the lip liner hack. One user shared: “Can’t wait to try it, it’s so pretty.”

Older viewers recounted their own experiences with the hack, as one recalled: “It’s old school, that’s how we drew our lips in the late 80s and in the 90s. I still do it today.”

Some, however, weren’t convinced they could pull it off, as one shared: “I tried this and I looked like a voodoo priestess.”

Another person thought the reason the final look looked so good was a reflection of Ropafadzo’s natural lips, rather than her makeup skills: “The problem is these products don’t come with the lips.”

“Do lips come with the combo?” joked another.