Max, Disney+ and Hulu will be offered together in a single streaming package

Consolidation is coming to the streaming industry. Bloomberg reported that Disney And Discovery of Warner Bros. will join forces to deliver a massive streaming bundle that will include Max, Disney+And Hulu.

The pack will go on sale during the summer. Buyers will be able to choose between ad-free and ad-supported tiers for each of the services. The two media companies behind this offer have not yet revealed the price of this offer. If it’s anything like the pre-existing Disney Bundle (which combines Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN), it will offer savings compared to the combined prices of the included subscriptions.

The reveal of the upcoming deal comes days after Disney announced it would bring ESPN content to Disney+. ESPN’s status in the upcoming bundle is unclear, but Bloomberg noted that Disney, Warner Bros. and Fox plan to launch a sports-focused streaming service “later this year.”

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Consolidation is currently the name of the game in the world of SVOD. Max, which would be part of the new pack, is itself a united version of HBO Max and Discovery Plus.

Many streaming services have faced stagnant subscriber numbers, leading to rumors that some of the biggest names in the industry may soon join forces. One proposal is a merger between Paramount Plus and Peacock, which would unite a pair of struggling streamers.

Warner Bros. Discovery may be the streaming service owner with the most to gain from a splashy new offering. CEO David Zaslav recently indicated that cost-cutting maneuvers and a Max price hike were on the agenda, and that layoffs were also a possibility. Warner Bros declined to comment on specific financial plans, but offered Bloomberg a statement on this subject.

“The company is focused on the long-term growth of the business as a whole,” the release said, “including Max, who has been a priority within WBD to expand original content offerings for our streaming audiences , including original CNN news, NCAA Men’s March Madness and NBA playoffs in sports, international content in local language and a new distribution agreement with A24.