Bus stop violations increase –

BLACKFOOT, Idaho (KIFI) – Bus stop violations have been on the rise lately. This is when drivers pass or go around stopped buses when they shouldn’t. Snake River School District officials tell Local News 8 they see two to three of these violations each week, which is two to three more than there should be.

In recent camera footage shared by the school district, a bus was stopped on Highway 26. Two children were walking and a car drove past without even slowing down and almost hit the children.

“The children were in danger because they barely made it over the bumper when the car passed as they were walking,” said Gina Dawson, director of transportation for the Snake River School District.

When you see a bus stopped on the road with its stop arm extended and its lights flashing, you should stop, whether you are behind it or coming towards it in the opposite lane.

“In Idaho, you have to have more than three lanes so opposing traffic won’t stop for a school bus. And that includes barriers in the middle of the roads,” said Drew Lusk, deputy with the Idaho Sheriff’s Office. Bingham County. One of the problems we have with our drivers in Bingham County is they don’t understand that if there’s a barrier, they have to stop. »

Snake River School District officials say no injuries or deaths have been reported from bus stop weapons violations, but we need to prevent these violations so there is no chance that there is a first injury reported, or even a death.

“Even if you see a bus in the distance in front of you, you should start thinking about it, I need to start slowing down. I need to give it space. Don’t stop right behind the bus. Give a bus 100 feet” , Snake River School District Superintendent Mark Kris said.