Real-life Baby Reindeer Martha breaks silence in interview with Piers Morgan

The woman pretending to be Baby reindeerThe real-life Martha broke her silence in an interview with Piers Morgan.

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The woman pretending to be the real life Baby Reindeer.

Martha broke her silence in an interview with Piers Morgan.

The Netflix series, based on the real-life experiences of Richard GD, follows Donnie as he is stalked by a woman named Martha.

Although the creators of the series went to great lengths to disguise it, Fiona Harvey claims she is the inspiration behind Martha Harvey criticized the series, stating that it was simply absurd and refuted Netflix’s claims and Gad Baby Reindeer alleges that Gad Stalker sent him over 41,000 emails, but Harvey says that’s simply not true.

She said if someone sent 41,000 emails or something, how many would they do per day?

A lot, she added.

None of this is true.

I don’t think I sent him anything.

No, I think there may have been a few emails exchanged, but that’s it.

Just jokes, emails.

Harvey told Piers Morgan she planned to sue Gad and Netflix In a final message for Gad, Harvey said: “Leave me alone, please get a life, get a good job.

I’m horrified by what you did