Foreign investors ready to invest in Ukrainian arms production

Many foreign investors are interested in the development of Ukraine’s defense industry, the Minister of Economy said at the second international summit of cities and regions in response to a question from the Kyiv Post correspondent.

“What are most investors interested in? Many are attracted to our defense industrial complex. They all understand that the war in Ukraine provides a great opportunity to really test (defense-related) technologies and innovations,” she said.

Svyrydenko said that not only were the weapons produced by Ukraine’s defense industry vital for its own protection, but investors also understood that its military products had great potential for foreign companies.

“We need not only to provide for ourselves, but also to think about the prospects of exporting weapons in the future. That is why we see our defense industrial complex attracting the attention of a large number of investors potential,” she said.

What is the International Summit of Cities and Regions?

The second international summit of cities and regions was held on Thursday May 9 in kyiv with the slogan: “As strong as they are united”. More than 200 participants were present.

This event brought together several local Ukrainian and foreign representatives on a single platform with the aim of developing partnerships, providing support and exchanging experiences to establish and guarantee peace and security aimed at ensuring the victory and recovery of Ukraine.

Stoltenberg: NATO does not intend to deploy troops in Ukraine

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Stoltenberg: NATO does not intend to deploy troops in Ukraine

The NATO secretary general also said that Ukraine had not requested the deployment of NATO troops during his visit to kyiv last week and had simply asked for “more support” from the bloc .

The conference was opened by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, whose speech to the audience touched on Ukraine’s aspirations for a future in Europe and the need for continued support for Russia’s defeat.

Zelensky explained how today’s Europe, which was historically a source of conflict between competing nations, has become a pillar of peaceful coexistence.

Last year’s summit, attended by representatives of more than 50 different Western states and communities, attested to its potential as a platform for effective interaction between Ukraine and international partners.

Ukraine could once again become a powerful arms exporter.

Ukraine had to rapidly develop its national defense industry in response to what became the largest war in Europe since World War II. The success achieved shows that the country has the potential to regain its previous global position as an exporter of arms and munitions.

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) ranked Ukraine ninth on the list of the largest arms exporters in 2015.

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