“I am silenced”: people discover a hidden message in Noelia Voigt’s resignation message to Miss USA

The queens fight! In the middle of Miss United States 2023 And Miss Teen United States 2023 surprisingly resigned from their respective thrones, the social media director of the competition organization also resigned. A cryptic Instagram post quoting “Mental HealthReasons with a hidden message have since sparked speculation about the unforeseen events that shook the nation.

Strong points

  • Miss USA and Miss Teen USA 2023 have resigned, raising concerns about the organization’s environment.
  • Noelia Voigt’s resignation message secretly stated “I AM SILENCED”, hinting at deeper issues.
  • Claudia Michelle has quit her post as Miss USA’s social media director, citing a lack of support and compensation.

Last week, Claudia Michelle announced that she would be “resigning” from her position as Miss USA’s social media director. Instagram post.

She captioned a photo where she posed between Noelia Voigt and UmaSofia Srivastava: “I have unfortunately made the decision to resign from my role as Social Media Director for Miss United States.

“Working with @noeliavoigt and @umasofias has been such a pleasure, they are the definition of true titleholders.

“I have made my official statement on the second slide and I hope you will take the time to read it.

“I don’t believe in taking sides, I believe in telling the truth.”

Amid the shocking resignations of Miss USA 2023 and Miss Teen USA 2023, the organization’s social media director has also resigned

Image credits: ABC4 Utah

Claudia claimed in her official statement that she handled all of Miss USA’s social media herself (stating that “for a brand of this caliber, a social media team is absolutely necessary”) and claimed that she does not had not been paid during her first two months. of work.

She also criticized the Miss USA organization as a whole, writing: “It’s a women empowerment organization and my hope in making this statement is to give back to these titleholders some of the empowerment that was so profoundly lost during their year.

Image credits: ABC4 Utah

The former social media director said that during her close collaboration with Noelia, she “unfortunately noticed a decline in her personality.” Mental Health.”

Claudia said her “ability to share her story and her platform (has) been diminished,” and she noted that she has also witnessed a “disrespect” toward UmaSofia and her family.

“I believe the way current management speaks about their title holders is unprofessional and inappropriate,” she wrote, adding: “I disavow workplace toxicity and bullying of any sort.”

Miss USA Noelia announced she was giving up her crown earlier this week.

THE explosive news came just two days before former Miss USA Noelia announced she was giving up her crown.

On Monday (May 6), the 24-year-old pageant queen from Utah shared an official statement on Instagram which said: “In life, I strongly value the importance of making decisions that are best for you and your mental health.

“As individuals, we grow by experiencing different things in life that lead us to learn more about ourselves.”

Image credits: noeliavoigt

“My journey as Miss USA has been incredibly meaningful, representing Utah with pride, and later, the UNITED STATES to Miss Universe.

“Unfortunately, I have made the very difficult decision to relinquish the title of Miss USA 2023.”

Noelia then expressed her gratitude for the support she had received from her fans, family and friends, as well as her “beloved Miss Teen USA, UmaSofia.”

THE against harassment The attorney revealed that her favorite part of the competition was working with her charity and raising awareness about immigration rights in addition to “shedding light on (her) roots as the first Venezuelan-American woman to win Miss USA.

“If you take the letter at the beginning of each sentence. He says I AM SILENCE,” someone noted on Noelia’s Instagram post.

Image credits: noeliavoigt

She concluded her message by encouraging others: “Prioritize your mental health, advocate for yourself and others using your voice, and never be afraid of what the future holds, even if it seems uncertain. »

Noelia’s post quickly sparked in-depth analysis, catching the attention of one person who remarked: “I’M SILENCED.”

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That’s when another Instagram user explained: “If you take the letter from the beginning of each sentence. He says I am silenced.

Someone else came to the same conclusion: “Look at all the capital letters I AM SILENCED; It is unfair!!!”

One person commented: “I’m planning a Netflix Documentary in the making.”

Miss Teen USA UmaSofia resigned two days after Noelia

@lexlete Honestly Noelia is so strong for this #missusa #missusa2023 ♬ Suspense, horror, piano and music box – takaya

Jackeline Voigt, Noelia’s mother, also wrote in the comments section: “As a mother, it has been a huge relief to see my Noelia’s personality restored.

“We are extremely proud of you for your selflessness in standing up for what is right while prioritizing what is best for you. »

Image credits: Pageantology

“I have observed how your personality has changed and how your light has faded.

“It broke our hearts.

“We are so happy today to see you being yourself again.

“Welcome to the house.”

“After months of reflection on this decision, I made the choice to resign,” wrote the 17-year-old young man.

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Two days later, Miss Teen USA UmaSofia also took her Instagram page issue a similar official statement.

“After months of struggling with this decision, I have made the choice to resign from the title of Miss Teen USA 2023,” the 17-year-old from New Jersey wrote.

Image credits: noeliavoigt

Also thanking the people who supported her throughout the competition, she noted her pride in representing her state as the “first generation Mexican-Indian at the national level.”

She went on to explain that her decision to resign was the result of realizing that her “personal values ​​no longer fully aligned with the direction of the organization.”

“I LOVE YOU! So proud of you my angel”, commented Noelia.

Claudia Michelle announced she would be ‘stepping down’ as Miss USA’s social media director

Laylah Rose, CEO and president of Miss USA, responded to Claudia’s allegations in a statement provided to People: “Our overall goal at Miss USA is to celebrate and empower women.

“Our participants are making a real difference in this country and around the world.

“My personal goal as the leader of this organization has always been to inspire women to always create new dreams, have the courage to explore everything, and continue to maintain their integrity along the way.

“I hold myself to these same high standards and take these allegations seriously.

“Please be assured that the well-being of everyone associated with Miss USA is my top priority.”

“They are smart about cutting ties,” one reader commented