Catfish action has been good with huge catfish caught at Clear Lake – Lake County Record-Bee

Fishermen struggle with the wind almost every day. A few bass moved into the shallows to spawn. Anglers use a wide variety of lures ranging from shallow baits to plastic worms. The drop-shot technique is one of the most effective fishing methods. Anglers rig the dropshot with either a six-inch plastic worm or a Senko and let it sit on the bottom, then do a very slow retrieve. The bass gently pick up the worm and slowly swim with it. The Senko can also be fished with a split shot and slowly advanced along the bottom. Square bill crankbaits have also been successful, as has the LV500. For those not in a tournament, a giant Senko catches fish

A live shiner fished under a sliding bobber was a success. Most anglers were happy to put five or six fish in the boat for a full day on the water.

The best news on the fishing scene is the crappie and catfish action. Most anglers report catching between 15 and 50 crappie per day. They are caught all around the lake, with the Nice-Lucerne shore being one of the best areas. Soda Bay and Henderson Point are two good areas. The docks at Library Park in Lakeport also produce good numbers of crappie. Most successful anglers use a red-white or black-white crappie jig rigged under a bobber. Some of the crappie caught were huge, weighing up to 3 pounds. The crappie action has been so good that a number of local fishing guides have switched from bass to crappie.

The catfish action has also been good, with some huge catfish being caught. The best action was offshore, about half a mile away. The trick to success is to keep moving until you locate a school of catfish, then use either a nightcrawler or cut bait. Even fishing guides report that their clients have caught catfish on bait while fishing for bass.

Clear Lake was once a favorite lake for bow and arrow carp anglers. Over the past two weeks, the carp have moved to the shallows to spawn. They can be seen struggling in almost every cove. Lakeside County Park is an area that has a lot of carp. There is no limit to the number of carp that can be caught but you must have a valid fishing license.

A free hunter education class will be offered June 29-30 at the Highland Springs Range House. Individuals will have the opportunity to meet a California State Game Warden and experienced instructors. You will get hands-on experience with safe hunting equipment. Successful completion of the course will allow the individual to obtain a California hunting license.

Classes will take place from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. both days. Contact Bob Bridges at 707-263-5187 to register and with any questions.