Binghamton mayor proposes occupancy tax

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Binghamton Mayor Jared Kraham has proposed a occupancy tax for hotels in downtown Binghamton.

He explained that this is something that already exists throughout the county and upstate New York. Kraham said it’s not local taxpayers who foot that bill, only people staying in downtown hotels.

It’s only a 5% tax, but the revenue collected will be used to cover the annual costs of Mirabito Stadium and much more.

Kraham explained that the annual cost of the stadium is $750,000, paid for by city taxpayers. With this proposed tourist tax, tourists would instead pay part of this cost.

“Right now, city taxpayers, working families and small businesses are footing the entire bill,” Kraham said. “This tourist tax would be a way for people coming from outside our region to use all of our public infrastructure, to use a lot of the funds that the city has spent maintaining the downtown, paying for parking and developing the stadium this place will allow them to pay for part of the stadium for example.

Mayor Kraham said he is talking with state lawmakers and it could take several months before the proposal is accepted.